Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Notiflux ?
    Notiflux is an exploration of online content on Personal Development and Winning at life. Users like you can submit content and decide, through votings, what's good (kiffs) and what's junk (zaps). Links that receive community approval raise towards the top, so the front page is constantly in motion and (hopefully) filled with fresh, interesting links. Notiflux is part of the Evasium Network.
  2. What does the name "Notiflux" mean ?
    Litterally, Notifications Flux. Notiflux can be understood as a flux of notifications. It's a reference to the online flow of data. There is much more information that is getting produced than one person can possibly absorb. And it just gets bigger and bigger. We are living in exponential times. Intelligence being about having the right information at the right time at the right place, this is an attempt to filter data and highlight the most relevant information.
  3. Can anyone submit a link ?
    Yes, all you need is an Evasium Account! It's easy and quick, you can create a new account right here. If you already have one, you can login then start sharing, voting and commenting on links.
  4. How to submit a link ?
    Once you are logged in, you just have to click on Publish in the menu and fill in the short submission form. Your item will automatically appear on the latest notes page.
  5. What kind of links can I submit ?
    The most welcomed topics on Notiflux are : Strategy, Marketing & Business, Philosophy, Discipline, Cash & Finance, Writing, Corporate. Post to the most appropriate category possible. You can look around to see if your link has been submitted before so that you avoid posting duplicates. Don't use link shorteners to submit a note.
  6. What is a Kiff ? How about a Zap ?
    A Kiff is a thumbs-up (a positive vote, a "Like", a "+1") for a note. A Zap is the reverse, a thumbs-down (a negative vote) for a note. Any Notiflux user can kiff or zap a note, and since the note score depends on the difference between its kiffs and zaps, every vote helps to inform where that note appears on the Notiflux rankings.
  7. What are Tags ?
    Tags are text labels you can add to a note that help categorize notes by topic or keyword. You can add/edit tags relevant to the note you submit or update. You can also browse notes by tags by clicking on them.
  8. What's the user score about ?
    User score indicates the contribution of a user on Notiflux. To prevent various types of abuse, some actions may not be counted but most of your activities on Notiflux affect your score. For example, your score increases when you submit relevant notes and comments, as well as when you report spammy note and comments. Inversely, your score decreases when you submit spammy notes and comments. With great score, comes great powers, mostly with respect to moderation.
  9. What happens when something gets reported as spam?
    It gets reviewed, either by a person or a program. The more people who report it, the more likely some action will be taken. Reporting spam is the most important thing a user can do to help keep Notiflux clean.
  10. Is Notiflux available in languages other than English?
    Yes, Notiflux is also available in French. By default, Notiflux would adopt your browser language, but you can swap that in your settings.
  11. Who are you ?
    Notiflux is powered by Evasium, a small team of technology enthusiasts. We basically make Internet software. We focus on building edutainment-oriented web/client applications.
  12. This page doesn't answer my question ! Who should I contact if I have a problem or concern?
    For any enquiry, please use the Contact Form or send an email to hello[at]